Posted by: anamika941 | February 5, 2008


IILM Institute for Higher Education recently celebrated its inter and intra college fest named i-Fest. Everyone was looking forward for this event since it was happening for the first time at the Gurgaon campus. All and all the event was a pretty big success with the standouts being the street play, and the group dance contest. Other events such as Ad-mad, Rangoli, quiz, received a lot of support from the crowd which just gave the performers all that much more to work off. I-Fest started wid Saraswati Vandana followed by a classical dance performance. Once the crowd started coming in, one could see that our college does go by its rules- “compulsory attendance”. The event started with Ad-Mad contest with Gurgaon students being the first to perform. Street play encapsulated the essence of Nukad Natak with all the performers getting into their respective roles. One of the colleges from Delhi University spell bound the entire crowd with its spectacular performance. Entire college echoed with their loud chorus n the nagada that they played in the backdrop. Undergraduate students of IILM Gurgaon bagged second position in the contest and the postgrad team was appreciated for their performance.Then came the much awaited group dance contest, with loud peppy music and energetic dancers. This contest had the entire crowd on their toes. The contests main attraction remained a bhangra performance by IILM Gurgaon as the crowd echoed “Once More” all through. A dance group from Delhi University captured the attention of all with its amazing song selection and synchronized dance steps.What was most astounding was the pure enthusiasm shown by the College. With weeks of hard labor, countless number of auditions by faculty members, and unlimited rehearsals by students the entire event turned out to be a success. The combined effort of the faculty and students managed to create a proper college event atmosphere where the focus was on having a good quality time and not on anything else.



  1. Its a Good article which gives brief idea of I-Fest
    It should be more informative.
    Thank You

  2. what more information do you require gaurav ? why dont u add sum stuff to it, to inform others !

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