Posted by: adityakhannamech | February 10, 2008

Your second life

Just imagine that in the middle of your dream you suddenly realize that you are dreaming. The person is now said to be “lucid,”.Sounds strange but it does happen . You must be thinking that why this guy is talking about a dream and who really cares what we do in our dreams, but if we calculate then we actually spend 1/3rd of our life sleeping. So that means if we can somehow control our dreams then we can live two lives. Now it sounds interesting, does’nt it?.

I am not sure but i think that some movies like MATRIX and NO SMOKING are result of a lucid dream and thats why it was difficult to understand these movies as most of us do not know what lucid dreams are. I experience lucid dreams very often and trust me it is better than my usual life . You can even continue your dreams from where you left last night, you can do whatever you want and trust me there are no limitations. This sounds impossible but actually its true.Just imagine if your dream world becomes a reality for you . It is a fascinating experience and once you experience this you might want to sleep 24 hours a day. It is an addiction and it creates excitement when you go lucid the first time.

Lucidity has also become something of a New Age fad. There are machines and gadgets you can buy and special clubs you can join to learn how to induce lucid dreams. But this commercialization should not let us lose sight of the very real fascination of lucid dreaming. It forces us to ask questions about the nature of consciousness, deliberate control over our actions, and the nature of imaginary worlds.

One of the best known is LaBerge’s MILD (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming). This is done on waking in the early morning from a dream. You should wake up fully, engage in some activity like reading or walking about, and then lie down to go to sleep again. Then you must imagine yourself asleep and dreaming, rehearse the dream from which you woke, and remind yourself, “Next time I dream this I want to remember I’m dreaming.”

When you deliberately go lucid then you might face feel things like dream paralysis but don’t worry you are always dream paralyzed when you go to sleep but actually you don’t feel it(because you are sleeping) and when you wake up everything becomes normal.

Practice makes the man perfect and with practice i think one can master the art of going lucid . Remember one thing your mind stays with you when you are dreaming and its painful when you get hurt in your dreams . No physical damage can happen thats obvious but u will feel the pain(while sleeping). May be most of us have experienced this when we jump from a building or someone tries to kill us in dream we suddenly wake up and everything becomes normal when you wake up.

It is common to wake from an ordinary dream and wonder, “How on earth could I have been fooled into thinking that I was really doing push ups on a blue beach?” A little more awareness is shown when we realize this in the dream. If you ask yourself, “Could this be a dream?” and answer “No” (or don’t answer at all), this is called a pre-lucid dream. Finally, if you answer “Yes,” it becomes a fully lucid dream

So guys and girls go lucid…………..



  1. I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    Karen Halls

  2. interesting stuff !!
    I would highly recommend “Interpretations of Dreams” by Sigmund Freud for those who liked the article.

  3. nice article buddy…!!!
    and a gud topic to start off with
    keep it up 😉


  4. Very nice and cooooooool article budddy…
    After reading this article i m really going lucid..
    hope to see some more nice & interesting articles like this from you very soon…
    keep the good & great work doing…
    All the Best…


  5. good artical ADI…
    “LUCID DREAMS”…hhhmmm
    Quite interesting!

  6. hey bro the article really sounds very kool yaar….want to have an experience of it….so help me out yaar….!!!!
    wanna go “LUCID”

  7. The article is really interesting . usually i don’t read articles, but this one made me read it all…
    interesting stuff..
    i didnt know that u can write….
    chal ny ways… article is really good…
    do let me know if u post any more article like this..

  8. wanna go lucid!!!!
    aosum…gr8 work adiiii !!!!!

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