Posted by: vasurat | February 11, 2008

My time in IILM…………

From the very first day till the time that I have written this blog, the time that I have spent in this college is altogether a different experience. Be it in the number of students in the class or the time duration of the lectures.

I would be honest enough to say that in the very first trimester I thought that I had made the biggest mistake off my life as I was not able to cope with the pressures of MBA, but then I asked my teachers for their help and it is because of them that at the present time I am enjoying every single sec that I spend in IILM.

The friends…yes yes I forgot to tell you about them…….. The friends that I have made in this college are just like those shares which never come down on the Stock Exchange, rather they keep on going up, up and up……………be it Shweta, Aayushi, Devendra, Kumar, Radhika, Vanya or Rajesh the list is endless..….. and every single friend that I have made is different from the other, and are precious to me in an altogether different manner.

Although I have heard that once you pass out from a college and go on in your life to do other things but you keep remembering the things that you have already done. Same is the case with me, I am in the 3rd trimester and already I have started to miss my other trimesters…….maybe it is the human tendency to remember the things which have gone by or maybe not……..I have got no idea, but I am really sure of one thing. When I’ll pass out from this college it would be a very sad day for me, as I really like it here. Be it Surabhi mam’s scolding, or Dr. Hume’s way of cracking jokes. I’ll remember every single moment.

I am not a regular blogger and really have a very little idea as to what blogging is all about…….and this is my first attempt in writing one.

So please do let me know. How you liked it.



  1. i totally agree VASU…
    nice way to express your true and simple feeling
    keep it up buddy!!

  2. U have realised soon enough what IILM is to offer and it is begining of a eventful journey which needs to be completed with full sincerety.

  3. Hi, Are you 2009 batch.

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