Posted by: 1touch | February 12, 2008

Lead India: Hunt of a visionary in the grassroots

Finally R.K. Mishra has got to be the winner of the ‘Lead India’ campaign organized by ‘The Times of India’. This campaign, as also has been said by the organizers was an initiative to search out a visionary from the grassroots who has a vision and plans to lead and take India to the forefront making it a superpower, as envisioned by ex- President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam in his vision 2020.This campaign inspires the youth of the nation to work for their country and their fellow citizens, performing their duties towards the nation before asking the country to give them their rights. It also gives an answers to those who on being asked to work for the country or contribute to the development of the country, immediately ask, ’What will I get in return?’, ’This country never cares for its visionaries’, ‘This is India, nothing could change it’ etc.Through this campaign, ‘The Times of India’ gave a platform to those who have ideas and plans to make India, ‘Incredible India’ and were looking for a platform to reach out to the masses with their vision and plans and get their participation in their mission and the growth of the nation. With this initiative, the newspaper and the ‘Star Network’ has made the best use of their platform, giving India not just a good singing or dancing talent but a visionary who has a vision for the country and who thinks not just of his own or a small group but also about the entire country and needs to be honored by the country.   Such campaigns will inspire and guide the youth in their initiative for the welfare of the country and thereby their own, taking India to the centre stage of the world. ‘The Times of India’ has set an example of fulfilling the corporate social responsibility with this campaign. This campaign is just a beginning to salute the visionaries of the nation and a lot still needs to be done by the nation and its youth to honor and contribute those who are working for it. The thing which needs to be taken care in such campaigns is to maintain their standards, as they are its soul.       



  1. I have serious doubts what such winners will do for the nation. The ideal thing to do would be to let these people get involved in politics and try to seek ticket from their constituency. Taking the money and opening dairy farms and such small micro level projects would be like a drop in the ocean.

  2. A nation which did not stand for our former President (Sorry to say so) Dr Abdul A.P.J Kalam will never realise the importance of these programmes. Lead India is a good initiative but lacks the power.

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