Posted by: havishm | February 14, 2008

Global Warming : A Myth

Taking into consideration all the “so called” conclusive evidences which we are constantly showered with, it’s not hard to see why we all have been led to believe that global warming is a reality. But there are counter arguments which prove that it is in fact only a myth.

Global warming refers to an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s near surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation. In common usage though, it refers to global warming caused due to human interference in nature.

Global temperatures have risen only 1 Fahrenheit in the past century. Whats more, the timing of the temperature changes do not support the theory of global warming. Most of the rise came before 1940 – before human caused emission became significant. Post war boom should have pushed temperatures up. But the opposite happened. A decrease in temperature was very noticeable in the 60’s and 70’s which led people to fear that we were going towards another ice age.

In recent decades temperatures have not behaved as it should to global warming theory. Over last 8 years, temperatures in southern hemisphere have actually fallen. Proper satellite measurements would show no change whatsoever over last 20 years. Also to be kept in mind is the fact that global warming constitutes two things – temperatures going up and down. We can’t predict climate anymore – last few decades we have had droughts in areas which have never had droughts before and downpours in areas which have never had rain before. For example it rained in Egypt for the first time in recorded history. We should also see the fact that nature produces far more greenhouses than we do. When Mount Pinatubo erupted, 30 million tonnes of Sulfur Dioxide was thrown into the atmosphere in the matter of a few hours – this is the twice the amount that the whole of the United States produce in a whole year. Oceans emit 90 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide ever year. An equal amount is emitted by decaying plants. Compared to this , only 6 billion tonnes were emitted by humans!!

Lets go a little back. A 100 million years ago there was 6 times the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than what we have today. But interestingly the atmosphere was a little cooler!! This has led some people to even go to the extent to say that carbon dioxide might not be affecting global warming at all. Many times in the past have we witnessed such occurrences.

Even when we see what the world has done as an attempt to stop global warming, all we see are botched attempts and some absolutely bizarre steps taken. The Kyoto Protocol was established in 1997 with a view to stop global warming. A 147 countries have signed up for this with a view to stop burning fossil fuels and convert to renewable sources. But it is very evident that this is not something that can be done one blue day. As much as US $ 50 million have been committed by the US government to NASA in an attempt to stop global warming. What is interesting to note is that one of the ex – NASA chiefs once candidly mentioned in a radio interview that in spite of all of NASA’s technical prowess – they can do nothing to stop global warming.

It is our duty as world citizens to be practical and pragmatic about it. Climate has always been dynamic – it has a way of correcting itself. We should realize this and not create a problem where there is not any.




  1. I think we need to get our facts right. And I do hope all of us are aware of Carbon emissions and its ill effects.

  2. Its time to relax but not to rest

  3. A attempt should be made to protect the environment. The entire weather pattern is undergoing change and it is not necessary that we are approaching ice age or global warming.
    But these changes could lead to unpredictable storms which could cause damage.

  4. i dont know from where you have gathered these information and its difficult for me to search for the same. but overall it was a nice blog with some interesting so called facts … ..

  5. adityakhannamech,
    thanks for your comment. i have only collated the information from various sites… its not something i have cooked up. this is a very hotly debated issue worldwide and i felt its our right to be well informed about these things!! this is why i feel we believe that its a reality : the whole world loves a doomsday theory, an apocalypse coming – the whole world collapsing sort of a thing – its human tendency!!

  6. rather than raising an alarm for the environment we start discussing irrelevant issues amongst us which is really sad

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