Posted by: surabhinigam | February 15, 2008

What is achievement? Its inside “YOU”

Achievement, simply put, is accomplishing whatever goals you’ve set for yourself, not necessarily earning a lot of money. Achievement is doing what you want to do within the boundaries of the law. It is the pursuit of dreams. It is liberty from the chains of fear and disbelief. It is recognition of what makes you unique and what you have to offer to others. It is the realization, the substance, and the tangibility of a dream fulfilled. However, it is important to know that accomplishing your goals is done through the fire of your “will”.Without a strong desire/will, you will not believe. Therefore, you will not achieve. Yes, you will want to achieve, but there’s much more to achievement than simply wanting to. Achievement requires drive and, in many cases, single-mindedness. Once you’ve truly made up your mind, once you have a vision of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there, you must speak and act as if it is already done. In spite of what you see, in spite of what you hear, you must continue to speak and then act on your vision. Why? Because we believe what we hear. And we act on what we believe. Fear and disbelief are the main ingredients of failure. They reveal the internal struggle that causes so many to quit before they see the fruit of their labor and experience the joy of accomplishment. Friends for achieving your DREAMS there is no HURDLE. The biggest hurdle for yourself is “YOU” ,if you are able to cross that stone,you are already half way to SUCCESS. So start dreaming… start daring… and grab all the opportunities you come across. The biggest factor to achievement is actually inside YOU… it is “TRUSTING YOURSELF” . So TRUST yourself —— YOU can DO it!!


  1. this is an awesome post. It will help us in differentiating our goals and targets and will increase a believe in our own self. KEEP IT UP!

  2. Interesting Thoughts !! I wonder what exactly determines success or failure . I would like to add here if success is the ultimate goal, then how can success be defined . Is it the appreciation we receive fom the people around us ? Who decides whether we have achieved success ? Is there an instrument to measure ? What happens in a situtation where the people who are assessing you may be incompetent of assessing you ? May be it is important to also understand that while you synergise all your efforts towards goals , it should be clear that the key element to achievement is directly proportional to your efforts . I’ll leave you with a thought , How would you assess a person who fought a war and lost ?But he didn’t give up . He tried again three times over to win , but was vanquished in the last attempt . In your perception was he a success or a failure !!!!!!!!!!

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