Posted by: 1touch | February 18, 2008

Private schools: Urgent check required

In the first week of February, National Knowledge Commission reporting directly to the PM and the government submitted a report to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the planning commission, recommending the regulation of all private schools across the country which constitute 15% of the total schools in the country.
This recommendation has been made by the commission in view of the proliferating unrecognized schools across the country and those upcoming schools which have established their own admission procedures, fee structures etc and are unregulated catering to the HNI (High Net worth Individuals) section of the society. The aim of these regulations will be to provide a common standard of education to all the children of the nation.
There is a dire need to implement these recommendations; else in future the country will witness two socially distant groups of youth. One of those who would have studied and grown up in an awesome and luxurious environment and the other of those who would grow up in a sub- standard environment provided by unrecognized schools and their local environment. This large gap needs to be filled up before it emerges on the surface else it will create a huge social gap.

Moreover, these upcoming HNI and unrecognized schools, which are typically, aimed at generating profits, are more a business institution then an educational institution. For such institutions, these regulations are a much controlling measure. These regulations will put a check on such schools, who have established their own system of operation, are deregulated and flouting the regulations just because they don’t get a grant from the government and run on their own resources and funds.
Above all this , the initiative needs to be taken by the parents who before sending their children to the school, should think of the basic purpose of imparting education to the kids and check whether the school in which they are sending their kids or would be sending in future provides it or not, i.e. to provide them and make them aware of the basic needs and responsibilities of an individual towards themselves, family and friends, society, country and ultimately the humanity and the mankind.



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