Posted by: anujdawar0445 | February 20, 2008

Experience at IILM

I am almost through with course at IILM Gurgaon. I still remember the day i came to this college for admission and when i discussed it with my friends, they all discouraged me to take admission in this college due to no recognition but my father encouraged me as he was impressed by the infrastructure and the environment. At that point of time many people were not aware of this campus of IILM. Since then IILM Gurgaon has become a well established institution within a time span of two years where a large number of students are now seeking admission.

When i took admission i felt that i had made a wrong decision by joining IILM but soon realized that i was mistaken and IILM had a lot in store for me in terms of the course curriculum, value added courses and faculty. Value added courses were very important for me and played and important role in shaping my personality and helped me in gaining confidence.

The time i spent in IILM was very rich in experience as i learned a lot and became quite friendly with my teachers. Interaction with teachers became totally informal and easy as the time went by. IILM also gave me friends that i am proud off who would remain as my friends for life. The time i spent at IILM was the best time as it laid strong foundation for me to step into the corporate world. It paid off really well with a good job at the end of my course. I am really grateful to IILM for its contribution.

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