Posted by: 1touch | February 26, 2008

Taare Zameen Par: A response to the call of the time

I was not getting a topic to write upon for the past few days and thenI got to know that the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ got 5 awards in various categories of the Filmfare awards. Thats when I got the idea to write about this particular movie.
Taare Zameen Par was an off track movie unlike rest of the movies which I have seen and was very touching  as compared to those which claim to be the sensitive and touching but they are not. It was different because it not only presented the problem of the kids in great details but it did so with the dimension of not just the mind but also the heart and gave a solution to the problem. The solution seemed to be a feasible one and could be followed in real life, unlike other movies which are successful in presenting the problems of the society but don’t give a correct solution.
The thing  which stood apart in the movie was the mix of empathy and sympathy of the creative team which provided a kind of wholeness to the movie. The good thing was that the movie did justice not just with ‘Ishaan’ but also with his parents and teachers. It wasn’t that they suggested a penalty for them but portrayed  the realization of their mistakes which they were doing unknowingly with the kid in a bid to get him on the right track.
Such mistakes of not heeding to a certain problem called Dyslexia which is committed unknowingly not just by parents but also by team leaders, captains, head of a group of people etc. Their intentions are never wrong but they forget this sensitive side while focusing on their target and for such problems, the solution is realization and awareness and not penalty.     



  1. Nice sensitive movie, though a tad too long and weepy. But I know what it is to handle children. You are responsible for a life which can go wrong with inadequate attention. Good to know students as well pay attention to such issues.

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