Posted by: havishm | February 29, 2008

Life of Celebs – A Mystery at Best !!

Being rich and famous usually has its repercussions, i believe. Celebs just seem to get into a tangled web of an erratic lifestyle and end up making a mess of their lives. Here again, i am presuming that all this is undesired and out of their control – but then again – maybe that’s being a celeb is all about – doing the unpredictable; and living an eventful life.

Lets see music artistes. I’ve always been an aficionado of english music, and reading life histories and biographies has always been an enduring hobby of mine. Something that always startled me was the absolute botch-up people make of their lives. Beatles, for example – one of the most revered bands of all times – these guys were treated like gods at the peak of their career!! One might say they had it all – money, glory, accomplishment. But all of these could not help them remove the minor inconsistencies from their lives – they started smoking cannabis and using LSD. Their life has’nt been blemishless – especially after the murder of John Lennon in 1980.

Lets see another extremely popular musical act – Michael Jackson. My brother is a huge MJ fan and it pains me to see the sad disaster, so to say; which he has made out of his life. He single handedly redefined dance forms and invented seminal moves like the ‘moonwalk’, ‘robot dance’ etc. ‘Thriller’, his second album, is the biggest selling album of all time with sales of 104 million copies sold. During the period when “Thriller” and “Bad” were released, he was considered a legend in the making. It is amusing (and needless to mention frustrating) when we see him today – practically penniless, accused of child molestation, criticised for his public appearance. The list goes on.

There are so many of such cases its unnerving. We mere mortals think these celebs whom millions worship to be invincible – and we still love them despite their minor ‘inconsistencies’. But fact of the matter is that it still eludes me why people get into such a life. The point I am trying to make here is that its not the issue of fame getting to their head. The point I am making is my inability to understand why people like these remain depressed, indulge in drugs and stuff, go into rehab blah blah… You all know how it goes. Look at Britney Spears – a genuine prodigy – making an absolute farce of her life. Its like her whole life is a reality show and the whole world is watching and laughing. Its just unbelievable.

I have taken music artistes just as an example. Look at famous people across all walks of life – sportsperson [Mike Tyson], actors [Winona Ryder (who was caught in an attempt to shoplift goods worth $ 5,000 from a department store) ]. The list is, well … pretty elaborate!! Lets not defame more people here. I’m sure most people get the idea i’m trying to put through !!

So anyhow, its not surprising to see why getting into rehabs has become a sort of fashion for celebrities. Now the reasons are numerous – it can be the pressure of all that attention, the constant effort to be under public scrutiny, to constantly be in the eyes of the public. But well, thats what being a celeb is all about isn’t it ( its a rhetoric so you need not answer that) !!

Its also pretty obvious that it is us people, the ‘masses’ who actually love to feed on all this gossip and the lives of celebs. Hell, paparazzos live on the lives of celebs. But the thing is its a very obvious question why celebs fall into the deathtrap, so to say. Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of ‘Nirvana’, died of a self – inflicted shotgun wound. So we see lives turn messy sometimes. Its all just a part of life, we say – a part of being a celeb. But its all a little overwhelming to me!



  1. Well the article is very well written and lucid. I really appreciate the effort. But instead of using various examples of celebs, more emphasis should be laid on the consequences that influences the masses who follow these celebs.

  2. Well i must say that the way you have put your
    idea across has swayed….. worth read article….
    hats off!

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