Posted by: balizma | March 3, 2008

killing me soflty…

lol..ok thats nt xactly my idea of what the articles here are doing to…jus thot we need a change of topic..from the eco n all goin all hea! :p and as it is.. i don’t really get why we need a title box for all publications??( article writing is not really my idea of xpression..blogging is..)

so. my start sounds a bit too open rite? well its kinda hard for everyone to open up.. our human nature is so… we build this invisible cocoon around our selves. Protective, known, friendly, free n in our own little way the only truth we seek or know. we, afraid to step out of it, making our selves believe each moment that its the only thing that is real. our environment, our friend circle, our life..that, it is how the world is. maybe what the world is?..

not like i try to show that my writing on such a thing means i am different, or provocative in my thoughts or nature.

its just sum thing you will feel like, or think about when you step out of your box and analyze your self, your friends, strangers, others around you.

try watching that stranger who walk past you in the mall.. maybe chattering to their friend(s) living in their own world… displaying their own standards, character, ethics, attitude they share with frnds.. they rnt a diffrnt species..?jus that they hav a diffrnts out look? everione talks bout thinking out side their boxez today?

(to be cont.)



  1. Well a very unique way of expressin thoughts is used here. I really like it. It would be interesting to see the sequel now.

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