Posted by: akooness | March 7, 2008

The Taj Mahal – Hindu Monument or Muslim?

The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders today. Built in between 1632 and 1652, it is one of the most beautiful buildings that I have personally visited. I am a proud Indian for having such a monument in my country, but some of the people aren’t too pleased of the mystery it beholds. The mystery of this magnificent structure isn’t how it was built, but what are its origins? Is it a Muslim mausoleum or a Hindu temple of Lord Shiva? Or is it really an Islamic Mausoleum? Or is Dr. P.N. Oak’s theories the right one?  Can Khaleej Times help us out? A French jeweller, Tavernier, back in the days, claims to have seen the construction of the Taj Mahal from foundation to conclusion. He agrees that the building was Emperor Shah Jahan’s creation because no one else could afford to create such a structure back in those days in India. It is believed that Mumtaz Mahal, in English meaning The Chosen one of the Palace, was Emperor Shah Jahan’s favorite wife, out of the others that he had. She gave birth to 14 children, in which only 7 survived. Also, it is believed that Mumtaz passed away after giving birth to a healthy baby girl in 1631. After her death, Shah Jahan locked himself up in a cell for 8 days, not having food. As for the monument, Shah Jahan might have chosen the spot because of the very beautiful gardens it is surrounded with to the left of the Yamuna River. It is also possible that he chose this spot because the Taj Mahal is clearly visible from the Agra Fort, the imperial palace of Shah Jahan himself. Also, Built in red sandstone surrounding the Taj Mahal are four walls, on two of the sides are a mosque, to the west, and a guest house to the east. On the Taj Mahal itself, there are inscriptions of the Holy Quran carved around the doors, on the platform. There are ample proofs of the Taj Mahal being of Islamic background, but what is the truth? No one knows as of today.

Professor Purushottam Nagesh Oak, commonly referred to as P.N. Oak, the author of the book “Taj Mahal: The True Story” is convinced that the Taj Mahal is a Hindu structure, and describes it in this book. Let me now put forward to you a summary of the massive evidences in a few points.P.N. Oak, firstly, points out that the name isn’t Muslim in any way. Taj in Hindi means crown, and Mahal, means palace, and who would call a grave a crown palace? ‘Taj’ and Mahal are both of Sanskrit origins. Also, no one can omit a wife’s name from Mumtaz to ‘Taj’. Nor was Mumtaz’s real name Mumtaz Mahal, but Mumtaz-Ul-Zumani.According to a carbon 14 test, by an American laboratory, a wooden piece from the riverside doorway was tested and that revealed that the door was 300 years older than Shah Jahan, which proves that those doors where put there for some building’s safety reasons, it could have been the Taj Mahal itself, or the Tejo Mahalaya. P.N. Oak believes that the Taj Mahal was officially the Tejo Mahalaya, and was changed to Taj Mahal by Shah Jahan, just to make it his property. Evidences of the Art of the Taj prove that this structure is of Hindu Background. Firstly, the style of the monument is of a Hindu temple, secondly, the four pillars to the side are used to distinguish the holy grounds, and a Hindu wedding altar set up for God Satya Narayan worship have four pillars at the four corners.These were some proofs that Professor P.N. Oak gave in his book to prove the Temple to be Hindu. The government tried to ban the book from India fearing a political backlash, and warned the Indian writer with horrible consequences. The Khaleej Times states that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, also known as the VHP, claims that the Taj Mahal was actually created after breaking down a Hindu temple. They strongly believe that somewhere in the Taj Mahal there are steps leading down to the sealed chambers, and therein are the pillars and artefacts of the temple that once was there. According to the Sunni Waqf Board, the Taj Mahal is a Muslim monument in many respective ways, and the most important is that the Taj beholds the bodies of two Muslims, Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz-Ul-Zumani. Well what is the truth???  Thats a mystery for sure!



  1. hmm … interesting read!! never thought on those lines before. What is distressing to see people’s naivety – the point is to find out the origins – not to start a communal backlash.

  2. No wonder if these radical hindus would make claim on :
    #Vatican city being Vatica.
    #Jama Masjid being Jamuna Devi Mandir.
    #Humayun tomb being Hanuman Ji ka Mandir.
    #Sydney being Shirdi.
    #Russia being rishikesh.

    No offense to my Hindu brethren.

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