Posted by: sneha03 | March 18, 2008

Cherishing Moments with Rail Prasad Yadav

Nicknamed as he is as Rail Prasad Yadav, Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav has all the credit for transforming the Indian Railways from losses to absolute mind blowing figure of profit. I extend my heartiest congratulations to our honorable minister of railways for his phenomenal success in generating a profit of Rs.2500 crores. Now that’s what I call a genius.
After he presented the annual budget on railways, some of us got the opportunity to attend a discussion which was to be held in the Rail Museum. As this discussion was supposed to be telecast on DD News live, we were all jumping with excitement, and also because of the fact that we were about to meet one of the most charismatic leaders of the Indian political foray. The time for the telecast was from 9.30 to 10.0 pm, accordingly we left for the venue at 7.30 pm. We were discussing amongst us the different questions that we could ask him. We reached there at 8.15 pm and started loitering here and there, checking out the sets of different other news channels.
As it was coming closer to the time slot, the moderator of DD News asked us to get seated and gave instructions like not to ask too complicated and long questions etc. He also enquired about the questions that we had planned to ask him and told if they were apt or not.
After waiting for about 45 minutes above the actual time, we finally got the first sight of the most awaited person. From the moment, sir came till the time a person said “wind up”, all our eyes were fixed on him. People don’t call him the “Management Guru” just like that, he has the wittiest, funniest and to the point answer for every question you can think of and the most distinguish feature that sets him apart from the rest is the way he can hold the crowd’s attention.
We were running short of time and maximum number of questions that he could answer was 4. After he left we were all absolutely thrilled, partly because we were face to face with one of the most successful leaders and also we were on television.
One our way back, we were busy discussing what he said, the comments and jokes he made. Talk about charismatic personalities, this man emanates confidence, dedication and an attitude towards life.   


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