Posted by: vishakhvarun | March 18, 2008

Is India Really Shining??

“Hindustan mein doh-doh hindustan dikhtein hain, Ek woh jiska sir daswein baadal mein hai toh dusra woh jiska paer dal-dal mein hain”

                                   -Gulzar, lyricist

We are marching ahead with our head held high, dreaming of Mars and feet firmly placed on the ground feeling no less than walking on the red carpet, leaving ourselves unaware of the harsh reality of average Indians.

The concept of ‘India Shining’ & ‘Developing India’ has infected our minds to such an extent that we dont even remember the snake charmers in India of a decade ago. Morever media hype & political rallies have created an illusory layer in the mind of liberal thinkers as well. Media gives more attention to research books whereIndia stands strong while neglecting deep rooted facts of growing corruption, violence & pollution across India.

One should applause the fastgrowing GDP rate of our economy but at the same time we can not ignore the fact that we are crawling far behind the devoloping countries wrt per capital income, literacy rate and ahead of all nations in terms of corruption level. No doubt, India’s economic front is running at a fast rate but the growth & development has been limited to the same category of people for decades. Thus the gap between the rich and the poor is running at a much faster rate which is an apparent reason behind increasing voilence & anti-nationalistic feelings like Naxalism & Terrorism.

Hence, the sooner we realise the true condition of our country, the better it is.

We must learn to look at the world through our own eyes. A walk through the streets of Delhi or any such big city in our country will reveal the real situation in India. The curtain of illusion must rise from the frame of our infected minds to inspire us in working for a better & truely properous India.



  1. true, we sometimes tend to overlook the reality.
    But i feel we are not doing too bad also. Because if you look at countries like China etc. the poor there are just like the poor in India – and i DO think that the quality of living has increases… But we still got a LONG way to go, sure !!
    thoughtful article – an excellent reminder for all of us!!

  2. yes in todays scenario people are overlooking the truth n force to belive in illusion. everyone should
    think n do what they belive in n not wat others say.nice article.

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