Posted by: 1touch | March 19, 2008

Indian Agriculture: Showered with goodies

Budget 2008 is a budget which has gifts for everyone, whatever s/he is and whatever they have expected from the budget for them. But the sector which has got the most is the agriculture sector.
Agriculture sector has gifts not just monetary terms but also new irrigation plans and financial corporations for irrigation and water resources. Indian agriculture after witnessing a green revolution and huge growth has again got into stagnation. The factors responsible for that are multiple in numbers like irrigation problems, rising cost of production, farmers switching from agriculture to other sectors, acquisition of agricultural land for other purposes, migration to urban areas etc.
The government has just given its best to the farmers by waiving off the loans of Rs. 60,000/- crores. Apart from this, the 11th five year plan also has 78 irrigation projects for the agriculture sector. With these two major efforts, the government has initiated reforms for the agriculture sector. These efforts need to be supported by the farmers who should respond to these efforts of the government by availing the opportunity provided by the government and increase the production in the fields.
Although the agriculture sector growth has slashed down to 2.6% from the previous years 3.8% and once again we are importing foodgrains, which needs to be checked but still the situation is under control and can be improved, as the situation of agriculture sector in the other countries of the world is far more critical than that in India. For instance, in Korea, Nepal and Sri Lanka farmers suicide is a major concern, wiping off of the small farms is going on around the world for 20- 30 years, while things are not as adverse in India and it still can manage its resources to tackle the problem smartly.
To tackle the problem, it’s not just government duty; it’s a duty of everyone who is concerned and connected with agriculture sector including farmers, agriculture traders, various agricultural departments, and the corporate world especially food related or FMCG companies. The role of corporate world is significant and ITC’s e- choupal has illustrated how significant it is. Other companies should also take such initiatives.
This time, we will together bring about Green Revolution-II, which will have a sheer participation of everybody connected to agriculture and together all of them will propel agriculture to the hills.


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