Posted by: 1touch | March 24, 2008

Chak de India: That’s what a true leader is

While studying about leadership and changing management I was not getting a good case to understand this concept. Then I was struck with the idea of taking movie ‘Chak de India’ to do so. Although it is not a real case but still it depicts a good real time situation of what is leadership and how people go through the phase of changing management as an individual and as a group.
In the movie, ‘Kabir Khan’ was the innovator and the leader of  change, who took the initiative of dreaming and paving the way of success for a team which was not at all a team but a group of individuals who got together with their own dreams and ambitions aiming to achieve them. While initiating the process, the thing which was a major hurdle throughout the movie was the opposition from the team members at every step or stage.
  Throughout the movie, at every stage, he has to face the brunt and ire of the team members but he should be given kudos for the fact that at every next stage, he was able to decimate the opposition and the ire. It was all because he could deliver the fruits of success to the team through the change.
He took up every requisite measure to bring about the change whether it was sweet or bitter, whatever it is. He put the entire team through a session of unexpected and unbearable pain which was unacceptable for the team but it was that pain which made the team members to think about each other and not as an individual but as a team, which they also realized and during this, he himself experienced the most severe pain.
Once he got his team and not the team members, then he developed the plans of success for the team and with the trust and cooperation of the team, he got the success for the team by their implementation. He could do so because he kept the team before himself at every stage whatever the opposition or ire was among the team members for him and bearing this entire he was able to transform a group of people into a team for success. In the end, I would say, ‘That’s what a true leader is!’      –


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