Posted by: 1touch | March 26, 2008

C. K. Prahalad: A visionary with a distinct foresight

Everyone from the business community, whether a person from the corporate, an entrepreneur, management students and faculty, everyone is aware of the name, C K. Prahalad- A man who identified opportunities for the business in the dark corners.
A specialist of the corporate strategy, professor at various distinguished management institutes and universities of the world, on the board of director of various corporate groups, management guru C. K. Prahalad has provided a distinct to the corporate and management world of those in the grassroots, in his words at the “Bottom of the Pyramid”.
Through his ideas and tactics for its achievement, he provides a win- win situation for both the corporate and the bottom of the pyramid. He asks the corporate world not to work for the welfare of those in the grassroots as a part of their corporate-social responsibility, but to participate with them in their growth and make them a participant in the growth of the corporate and the business.
He identified the fact that this neglected column, which is considered penniless and unaware of the brands and market, is actually a myth in the mind of the corporate. He identified the potential of this ignored market and opportunities in this market, which is largely ignored.
He gave not just the vision, but also the ways to achieve it through technological developments and changes in the marketing practices. He gave the idea of considering them as a sea of entrepreneurs and provide them dignity and choice, thereby winning their trust which is largely missing in between the two and generate a capacity to consume among them by making everyone a participant in the growth, creating a win- win situation for both, the corporate and ignored bottom of the pyramid, propelling both towards growth.
He also gave the thought of using technology in the best way to access the bottom of the pyramid, which is largely neglected because of being unapproachable, through wireless technology developments like satellite television, internet etc, which can provide a rapid access in deep unapproachable pockets.
What we need to do now is to evaluate and implement his ideas paving a way for the growth of the corporate and the underprivileged, through their own efforts with dignity.

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