Posted by: havishm | March 27, 2008

A critical appraisal of computer companies

I have always been a geek, and though I have never actually studied ‘Computers’ as a paper extensively, I just am very well informed about all the nuances in IT and I consciously gather information related to IT.

Being a critic of all IT happenings in the world – it just amazes me sometimes how big renowned companies fool consumers and walk away without anybody even knowing that they have been screwed – big time !!

One instance that stands out would be when all companies one blue day reduced the prices of their computers considerably. This phenomenon found its origin in the brain of IBM. People were obviously extremely happy and there was a mad rush to buy computers. Soon all companies followed suit and reduced their own prices.

And just in case you start wondering why all companies started feeling so generous all of a sudden – let me just tell you that what people didn’t realize – or what their naivety would not let them see was the fact that it was all a big elaborate plan to make a fool of consumers.

No question about it that prices were reduced – but the reason was pretty much neglected by people even though it was pretty evident. What these companies were doing was to bundle their systems with “Linux” operating system. Now interestingly Linux is a free OS, and thereby these companies were saving on the Rs. 3,000 – Rs. 4,000 they would have had to incur had they bundled “Windows” along with their systems.

Now Linux is an extremely efficient and perhaps the best operating system ever produced and I have the greatest regards for it. But fact of the matter is that the average computer user does not use Linux – he uses Windows. So the first thing a user would do is to go the store – purchase Windows – come back, and install it in place of Linux.

So –

  • a. The computer manufacturers are selling more due to reduced cost
  • b. Windows is happy because it is still selling its Operating System
  • c. Good ol’ us i.e. the consumers are being fooled under our noses and the best part is that we are feeling that the computer companies are doing us a favor.

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