Posted by: balizma | March 27, 2008

“Common baby light my fire…”!!!!?

lol… ok ok.. it sounds stupid dosnt it?… well i really thought bout the title this tym!! seriously! i’ll xplain later…

so, well.. i donn xaclty want to get to my point hea.. so frst am gonna start by askin u…(well the situation put this song in my head..) hav u ever herd that song – light my fire? well its by The Doors, i think and it goes sumthing like…

“You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Girl, we couldn’t get much higher
Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire

The time to hesitate is through
No time to wallow in the mire
Try now we can only lose
And our love become a funeral pyre
Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire

Try to set the night on fire, yeah

If I was to say to you
Girl, we couldn’t get much higher
Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire
Try to set the night on fire
Try to set the night on fire
Try to set the night on fire”

??!! i mean…’ha-ha-ha.’!~!!!

its not so easily said and done is it??! ok so the song might help evoke the mood with other things… but jus why? i mean it sumtyms so seems that men (well this particular category..not all f em..but it cud be am sorry..) so as i wz saying, this particular catagory of men.. they think that once they manage to sway the girl, its suppoz to persist forever or sumthing?..

recently i over herd this couple converse…they sat distantly with friends at a colg joint,…. and the boy wz kind of flirting with his girlfrnds friend..

grl: “tum na aaj kal kuch zada hi sarr pe chard gaye ho!”…

boy: “matlab kya hai tumhara?…ye sab nai chalega, werna kisi orr ko dhoond lunga (he wz kidding)”

Girl:”wat do u mean!!”

boy:”arre? i love u na?*

*and he repeated that same dialog EVERY five mins. when he cracked another PJ tat is..

i thot to my self, poor girl.. i mean is she really jus satisfied with his verbal expression??.. or does he prove to her otherwise with those small surprises and gestures every once in a while as well??

you know?… the ones like, is there sumthing bothering you?, am here for you, you can talk to me.. or by holding her hand in a croud, or opening the door for her(and not onli when she z with her friends), looking deep into her eyes and assuring her that he’s there for her always…

wow…am i not a romantic fool….
well when the lead of doors sang this song…”common baby light my fire…”….they referred to a candle of passion being lit… not a nuclear power generated lazar beam of love!!

and there fore: it has to be lit again and again when ever it starts to blow out!!

i’ev seen a friend of mines sister cry for her husban, she craves for his love and attention, but he has long stopped trying.. giving him valentines days gifts and getting nothing in return, waiting for those to moments of peace and quiet so that they can sit and talk, confined to the walls of house the whole day firstly, and only herself to talk to..she says, hz not the same anymore..too engrossed in his work…

and then men seem to complin after changing themselves that we change them and then dont like the ‘changed’ them!!!??

ok, so comming back to colg life..

life gets messy in yor frst year…but u seem to get a hang of it by your second.. too many truths reviled about ones own self, and others around us..

sum guys/grls think its soo cool to score with a lot of girls/boys? isnt it? typically flirting with a bunch at a tym, be it in class or the cafeteria…library or the parking lot the things they do..

late night msging, calling, pleasing, paying, and proposing, and finally moving on to another girl!… (sad endidng… :P) telling thier friends soo typically that ‘dude she digs me ya!’ bout every other girl.. (am really wondering the amount of tension they live with each day handling so many people all at once?…what great amount of brain work and coordination!!)

must say they have their way…with women maybe?..and words.. they identify much easily what women want and even give it to them, taking due advantage of their innocence and consideration of them as a much needed and wanted friend?..

yea.. if we open our eyes.. ‘step out of our boxez and look’ you wil see all this happen…

even in the simplest of situations…

even to the most innocent of people..

and in a while, they proceed to another…! leaving behind yet another left wanting their attention and respect? which i think they think wud last forever, that they will be thinking of them forever?… letting the candle melt and blow out..?…

well there z much more to it here…but thats not my point z it?…

all those typical lies… unaware that poeple notice… verrrry closely… at times..

maybe sum of us shud give it a thought here?… go back and tell their loves ones they care with a hand made card, or a single stem of flower?… (which is in case you cant really afford your wives/girlfriend’s favorite desert or a ready made card or a bunch or flowers that is!!) ((ok lets admit it, the hand made card may be cute, but girls are more materialistic these dayz, so it cost u wat? 10 rupees??…lol…kidding..but keep it in mind!))

you know.. re ignite their passion and love for you? the fire…which you do not let them feel…?…lately?… :p




  1. ooh boy that sure struck a chord. made me feel nostalgic [about the song – not my ex’s 😀 absolutely fantastic article!! kudos to you!! but that’s the whole point right? whats the point of a guy doing somehing that he needs to be TOLD to do? where’s the fun in that!! but yeah, its still better than a spoilt relationship *i guess* what do you say??

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