Posted by: akooness | March 27, 2008

Long-Distance Relationships…

When you let yourself get emotionally involved with someone like that, you feel like you would be together forever with him/her, especially if you lived close…but that’s just it; there is a catch; and a strong one at that…here is someone you may never get to be around very often that you are giving all your love to….is that smart? why do people still insist that long-distance relationships are a good idea?

“Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.” – Douglas Adams

ANY relationship that succeeds is a blessing. it’s easy to get lost in the everyday trials that sabotage some unions. but there are many couples who overcome those challenges and perhaps hurdle an even greater obstacle–long-distance love…Visits, e-mails and telephone calls sustain these couples who admit they sacrifice some physical closeness… but they say what they gain means just as much: Faith. Strength that they can foil any odds… in these relationships, they say, there’s no time to obsess about pettiness…instead, you practice a different mantra: Make each second count… : |….there are days when they’re lonely…there are moments when they long for a touch instead of a call. still, their bond endures. whether separated by an ocean or an outlook, the shortest distance between two hearts, they say, is love…      …ouch.

I asked a few friends who were going through it…“Yes, they do work and it is worth it. long-distance relationships can work out! As long as the both of you are determined to make it work, it will. It is difficult, and sometimes you might just want to end it because it hurts so much being away from one another … but they really can work out!” “YES! It most certainly can work. It is worth it, so long as the person you are keeping the relationship with is worth it. You will never know if it will work unless you try. If you care about that person, you need to take risks in order for great things to happen. Good luck!” “Yes, They do work only if both of you want it to work. ” “The real question is, do realtionships work out, period? Just because you have more face-to-face time, does not guarantee sucess.” says another…

one option could be to keep everything the way it is — whether you are 5 miles or 5,000 miles away from each other.and.. yeah, this is kind of like how i expected it to be. we tend to believe that physical space between us will not affect the solidity of the relationship because our “undying” love for each other can surpass this seemingly small obstacle. applies to couples like me and iff who get separated for education reasons. what i dont except to happen…  in many cases, however, is that one of the partners may start feeling lonely and begin looking around to see what the “relationship market” has to offer. but if the woman, for example, decides to hold back and not date anybody during her time away from her boyfriend, he should also be saving himself for her. right? in an ideal situation, this would be the plan. But unfortunately, that’s not always possible. …welcome to the real world.The problem is that the terms of the relationship clearly state that this should not happen. What then? — i should just let him free?… even though my morals.. and my typical fairy tale mind tells me “if this guy cant stick to you and love you like you love him, then he’s probably not your knight in the shining armor..”… “if he REALLY loves you, then he’ll overcome this obstacle (distance thing) and in the end he’ll still be yours” …but then… my mind keeps telling my heart “there is NO prince charming waiting for you.. you’re destined to be with one of those selfish men out there who only believe in living an easy and happy life. no one is willing to go through pain JUST for you. you’re nothing special.”….

  my heart’s being too sentimental. my mind’s probably right.


  1. Long distance relationships can definitely work. In a way, I feel that it can increase the love between the two. But, it requires a lot of trust, maturity, and emotional stability to sustain such relationships.

    Nice topic! Its well written. Have a good day! 🙂

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