Posted by: havishm | April 4, 2008

IF YOU LOVE SOMEBODY SET THEM FREE {you’ll be sorry if you don’t read this}

Okay, so I have had a writer’s block right for days literally now … BIG TIME!! I’ve just seen been sitting in front of my computer with an honest intention of writing something down and I just can’t seem to get going. So I decided to just let my blood (read : my thoughts) flow and just write impromptu … like an extempore !! That’s what the whole idea of the blog is, right – expressing yourself!! HA!!

I just hope in the rush of blood I just don’t say something which endangers the probability of my article not being published in the first place … after all its kinda boring to be the only one to read your own stuff 😀

So anyway, I am just gonna give myself a free rein here and give myself the liberty of sounding natural.

Right, so a few days back, I was reading this article by balizma on the distinction between love and infatuation [NOTE: people, it’s a fantastic read – do NOT miss it] – click here and read it a.s.a.p. (after you read my post though 😀 So anyhow this article just kinda struck a chord (in lots of hearts I am sure) ;and considering the fact that she had written it with a certain someone in perspective (you’ll have to read her article to understand), I just thought I’ll just work on the same lines and add some more to it… at least till I come out of my writer’s block 😀

Okay, so this article I’m writing is again with the perspective of a certain someone from college (who I am sure won’t get the chance to read this) but anyhow … here goes. SO the information byte first: the title of the article – “IF YOU LOVE SOMEBODY SET THEM FREE” is an old 80’s classic by STING. The song just sorta hit me when I read that article on ‘love and infatuation‘… it’s a lovely song, catchy beats and everything – but it’s the depth of the lyrics that’s haunting.

Loving somebody’s loving somebody (you might call it infatuation, a crush, a desperation, hell … whatever) call it what you may, love is just good old love at the end – as simple as that. It’s not rocket science. That’s another issue whether its logical or not – or even a faux pas!! That’s not important … its actually not … !!

The point is that there might not be a fool – proof test to love, but this is something that makes pure simple logic in a crazed out world … if you love someone – just Let. Them. Go. !! If they come back – they are yours to keep … if they don’t – (well) they were never yours !! As simple as that … just don’t get your pumpkin sized egos hamper pragmatic thinking and just do as the song says … its gonna make life so much simple – and its gonna make reality so much obvious !! ALL THE BEST GUYS 😀

Oh and yeah just a note of advice to all the writers out there – I love you all – I really really do – but just don’t take me as an icon and start writing articles in the future only on lovey – dovey issues, okay !! I mean its good to discuss stuff like global warming and economic recession sometimes too ;D keep rocking!! CIAO’



  1. Havish, who are you? a lover or a saint

  2. HAVISH!…*blushing*.. this z gud!

  3. Very easy to say ,,, but very difficult to implement ,,,,, Love always comes with some new dimensions which one can call restrictions and other can call life,,,,,,,,,,,,, But still i feel it s a good idea ,,,,keep it up dude,.,,,,,,,

  4. Its a nice one…….but leting go is d most difficult job………..and once you are in love u never waana let go…..
    nywaz……gud one…
    keep writing….

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