Posted by: havishm | April 10, 2008

crash … boom … bang …

Hell, that’s an outrageous title for a post, I accept!! But this is exactly the feeling I get when I think about magicians, endurance artists, daredevils et al. Well, not magicians per se – I think magic is more about mirror trickery and deception!!

I was referring more precisely to endurance artists and daredevils. You all might have heard about David Blaine (endurance artist, escape artist blah blah), Evil Knievel (stunt biker). If you go back a little down history lane you have Harry Houdini – possibly the greatest escape artist ever. [information byte: here the artist is handcuffed, put in a straitjacket, set of on fire etc. and he’s supposed to escape from it].

In one word, these guys are ‘crazy’. These guys downright play with danger every time they perform a stunt – they put their freakin’ lives at stake!! I mean its ok that these guys don’t respect their lives and everything, but man – oh – man, the downright nonsensical things these guys do sure gives me the jitters – even when I read about it!!

Lets look at a few of these lunatics:

David Blaine: Profession – escape artist, endurance artist; greatest achievement – lots of them(we’ll see later); price to pay for 15 minutes of fame: lost 24.5 kgs as a part of one stunt, suffered concussion among others!! This guy has been buried in an underground coffin for 7 days; encased in a gigantic block of ice for close to 63 hours; has stood on a 27m high for exactly 35 hours; stayed for 44 hours in a plexi – glass cage suspended in mid air for 44 hours among several other such crazy antics. Now that’s what I call an eventful life!!

Evil Kneivel: Profession – motorcycle daredevil; greatest achievement – jumping over 19 cars; price to pay for 15 minutes of fame: a record 40 broken bones.

These guys are legends, no doubt !! We all have our share of fun watching these guys do crazy stuff and hurt themselves on the way. Well not necessarily hurt themselves – but that does add to the excitement, sure!! But what makes these guys do such stuff?? Is it the fame, the money, or a point to prove against the almighty?? What is it?? These guys got children, they got families, parents…. Its not that they don’t like their lives !! What is it then that makes them do these things?? Is it a higher calling maybe?? Sounds crazy … ?? In a world – gone – crazy who knows 😀 All i know is that I still get my heart in my mouth when the elevator stops midway !! Aaah !!



  1. Well we can’t call these guys simply lunatics. It would’t be apt on their part. These guys have atmost passion and zeal to commit the most horrendous deeds, that one can’t even imagine to do. Its their life, they live upto it.
    We get entertain from them. We even pay for it. Its us who encourage them to do so. They get an impetus from us. So. we are equally responsible.
    We can qoute the example of World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE).

  2. author’s note: thats standing on a 27 m high ‘pole’ … NOT a 27 m high 😀

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