Posted by: billas | April 11, 2008


Almost all of us have heard of the word ‘Maya‘ ; and at once we get the feeling that the world is an illusion. But it is a simple statement of facts – what we are and what we see around us.


What does this statement mean? It exists only in relation to my mind, to your mind. We see this world with 5 senses; but if we had another sense, we would see in it something more. If we had yet another sense, it would appear as something still different. It has therefore no real existence, nor can it be called non – existence, knowing that it exists. It is a mixture of existence and non existence.

And this is ‘Maya’

Lets take a case: A mother nurses her child with great care. All her soul, her life is in that child. The child grows up , becomes a man and perchance becomes a brute; kicks her and beats her every day. Yet the mother clings to the child. And when reason makes an attempt to wake up she covers it up with ideas of love; and how much so ever she may try, she cannot shake off the bondage she has for her child.

This is ‘Maya’

We all vie for the golden fleece. Everyone of us thinks it is theirs for the taking. Every reasonable man knows in his heart that he stands a minute, next to impossible chance of actually achieving it. Yet everyone struggles for it.

This is ‘Maya

Happiness is all that we seek for and all the things in which we see happiness are evanescent. Like moths hurling themselves against the flame, we all are hurling ourselves again and again into sense – pleasures – hoping to find satisfaction; each time with renewed vigor and energy till the point when we are crippled.

In one form or another we are all in Maya – the most difficult and intricate state of things to understand.

So is there no hope then? Are we supposed to accept the fact that we are all slaves of Maya? Is there no way out?

As every cloud has a silver lining, this problem has got a solution too – its just the way you look at things!! There is a being beyond all the manifestations of Maya – one who is superior to and independent of Maya.

bring him nearer and nearer and nearer until you find that it was all the time ‘within you’ !!



  1. i loved how you end up telling us that everything is under our control … but it’s always good to have some kinda surreal – ness in life … I like to believe that there is an order to things – a way to life!! AND it should not be fiddled around with … Even when people are materialistic, there is a sort of divine purpose to it – and its being HAPPY and contented with your life.
    20 years down the life, I wouldn’t want to look at my life and regret things I should have done!! Even if I do things today which I might regret later — my conscience will be clear — because no matter who it is – the most devout believer of god, an atheist or an agnostic; end of the day – having a clear conscience is perhaps all that counts 😀

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