Posted by: poojasharma | April 12, 2008

Happy birthday my angel…

Finally the day has arrived when i have cluttered up all my energy and converge all my thoughts to pen down something; and I am damn sure this would make one of my friends take a relieved sigh.

Its a special day and a special moment too and i am trying hard to write about someone who bear such dark imprints on my personality that i can hardly feel he is a life apart, i am talking about the man i have always admired and loved and prayed to be with — that’s my father. God has been especially kind to send him for me on April 11(that’s today the special day) few decades back. This is why i am devoting my first article to him.

I love him not because what he is, but because what i become when i am with him.

He is a strong man ,I don’t agree with the lot of ways he brought me up, I don’t agree with lot of his values, but i am spell bound with the integrity that he hold, and with his attitude that if he tell us not to do something, he didn’t do it either.

I share a brawny bond with him which i am sure all the daughters on the earth do , he is always there in whatever role i may play, he will wrongly argue with mom protecting me for the small mistakes i commit, he will proudly say that he would accompany me to my in-laws to help me in the household work, he will be the first one to offer a toast on my minutest success, and he will be keen enough to wish me first on my birthday even when he is on an ICU bed….

I am unable to put forward any further since I feel not everyone would appreciate my effort. But I would like to end by saying…

A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.

Love you papa



  1. god bless you girl … your dad’s a lucky chap indeed 😀

    p.s : … and the guy who you said would take a ‘relieved sigh’ ?? … just to let you know that guys grinning gleefully right now!! take care 😀

  2. Well Girl!! Ur effort is commendable. I appreciate it. No matter what u have wrritten, just be honest in ur dealings. I have read many articles on various issues, but an article just straight from the heart is very rare to find.
    Kudos for u. and yeah one of ur fren will be having a sigh of releif now.

  3. well an article has really touched my heart. even i feel the same for my father , he is jus like your father .same thought , same love.i bless you for getting such anice person in the way of ur father. and i appreciate ur efforts for sharing your feelings with us. I will pray for u to get the same person as ur father in ur next life.

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