Posted by: havishm | April 16, 2008

to all the (sob) depressed out there !!


                                                                                                                                :by somebody really great

I’ll be frank … I’ve never attended a motivational lecture (though my mum has given me a few – despite my strictest reservations), never read a motivational book (I have read some really sleazy ones, mind you – but never ever a motivational book), and obviously I’m not very intrinsically motivated in life. I am a really introspective guy. Lemme rephrase that actually … I am a really really introspective guy. Its so bad at times I can spend complete hours just thinking and re – thinking things over!! So mind you … if you’ll are looking at a pep – up talk or something … sorry guys but you’re looking down the wrong alley!! But yeah, if you all wanna find out how outrageously messed up my life is … read on sweetie … read on …

                So anyhow I was talking about my introspective nature. The damn thing’s like an addiction at times – sort of an obsession. Plus I am a really depressed individual  [just don’t tell this to the guys who are gonna come to recruit me next autumn … HA]  – I can get depressed over anything!! I’ll be all chirpy and cheerful and all of a sudden I’ll get into this hypothetical aura that the whole world around me is falling down or something … its kinda hard to explain unless you’ve gone through it yourself – but its not pretty –believe you, me!! It can really turn messy sometimes!!

                But hey hey I’m digressing !! Lemme get back on track. Yeah, so I was telling you about being depressed and stuff. Now just in case you’re wondering why the hell am I blabbering about the sordid details of my life – lemme justify myself – there is a point to all of this!! There is, really!!

                Every person feels depressed every now and then – its bound to happen. You can feel depressed about being compared to others, of being incompetent; of being incapable!! The whole point is that if you let it get to you, you can really really mess up your lives. Big time!!  Kurt Cobain (shame on you if you don’t know who he is – google him if you are not familiar) once said: “wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are“. Kinda makes sense, doesn’t   it? Its all about loving what you do – excelling yourself; not feeling depressed; and simply being happy in life.

 You can do it guys -remember,  nobody gives s**t about you – its your life – its how you live it!! If you’re depressed – shame on you !! Learn to be happy!! You live once guys – live it to the max 😀


p.s.: oh and just in case you were wondering who wrote that really profound thing at the start of this article saying LIFE IS ALL ABOUT RELATIVITY – blah blah blah’ … don’t rack your brains people – it was good ol’ ME – your resident agony aunt!!



  1. impeccable writing

    kudos 2 u havish!!

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