Posted by: havishm | June 5, 2008


I always refer to newspapers as the ‘funny papers’: the articles nowadays are just so darn funny. Moreover these guys have a penchant for making even the bloodiest and gruesome of things seems hilarious – the way they print it. All these murders and stuff happening everyday – the way newspapers cover all that news is absolutely farcical – it’s amusing sometimes. 

And you know how ‘out of news’ the newspapers are when ‘firefighters getting cats out of trees’ are making headlines 😀



Right!! So I seem to be digressing (it’s a characteristic trait) – so let’s get back on track, shall we!! I was talking about the ‘funny papers’. I am always prompt to have a look at the papers early morning – it gives me my daily dose of laughter – and a few days back I wasn’t let down!! There was something I read which kept me chirpy the whole day. I won’t hold back any more; I know you are all dying with anticipation to know: so here is what it read like “California legalizes gay marriages”. Boy oh boy, I was gleeing with excitement. You might all say ‘Bah … big deal!!’ but it was a big deal!! And HOW!! At least to all the thousands and thousands of gays and lesbians (and these are just the ones we know – I am sure the actual figure is in millions 😀 ]out there who will now have public acceptance.

‘But will they really??’ is the question. Legalizing something is al right – MAKING society accept them is where the real REAL problem comes. And on a sensitive issue like this, you bet the society will have a hard time adjusting. It might change a few people’s opinion {emphasis on ‘might’} – but the society at large (my presumption) will not embrace it with open arms (and I can say this with conviction).

            Do remember that California became the second state after Massachusetts to legalize gay marriages – and it is legalized in countries like Belgium, South Africa (defies explanation) already. [and a few others who paid me not to mention their names] 😀




                            SO WHAT IS MY OPINION??

Aww… come on!! You were all waiting for this part, weren’t you?? So without further ado, let me quickly get on with what I feel!! I believe there is a pattern to life – there is a system to life!! We all are born; we live through childhood, adulthood, old age and eventually pass away into god’s abode. [hey I forgot ‘puberty’ – my bad!!]  Anyhow, the point I am trying to make (very tentatively and cautiously) is that there is a pattern – nobody has defined it – but its how things are – and how it should always be – untouched!! Don’t go around defying conventions and breaking rules of life. I sincerely believe ‘to each his own’!! Hell it’s your life, you live once!! You wanna go marry the same gender (yuck) – al right!!  Go ahead (Ahem)!! But with the government legalizing it – it’s a tough one to digest – all I’ll say!!


So I won’t be taking names out here, but all you Darren Hayes and George Michael and Elton John fans out here – umm … I love them too – I DO!!

But remember – god made Adam and Eve – not Adam and Steve!!



  1. Comment from a South African Darren Hayes fan…

    This time last week in the South African “funny papers” there was a full page photo of a man being burned alive for the heinous crime of being a Nigerian. Perhaps I should subscribe to your papers if they are so amusing.

    Not to rain on your parade but perhaps you should consider what you write before putting it out there for the world to see. And with over 6 billion people in the World -“yuck” indeed- I think Adam and Steve is the best thing that could happen for us at the moment. I agree with ‘patterns’ though – species becomes too successful, species destroys it own food supply, species dies out. Anyways.

    ❤ Adam&Steve Forever ❤

  2. thanks for the comments …
    it might be too late – but let me clarify that the article was just my personal opinion and i was not speaking for anybody else. And it was more in jest rather than being an outcry of disapproval. “To each his own” I always say !! But yes , the issue is debatable and my sole intention was to get MY opinion forward!! The fact that in my endeavor to make it humorous I might have unknowingly hurt any sentiments out there is apparent!! I would like to apologise for the same!!

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