Posted by: havishm | June 6, 2008


So I took a long hiatus … but I’m back in full glory – so get out the red carpets and the welcoming committee. Har Har. Jokes apart though its ‘summer time’ guys – the good ol’ summers  – with us poor souls sweating it out in the sun and trying to make the most out of our summer training. And lets be frank though, al right? We ALL hate it – we all hate the drudgery of working our a** off (sometimes even without getting paid for it). Well I can be all nice – nice and say ‘hey the stipends don’t matter – we are here to LEARN!!’ But hey – its always nice to be appreciated for doing some work – and by that I don’t mean a pat on the back from my head in charge – I mean something green 😀

            So I’m again sorta feeling depressed as my ‘wish list’ keeps on growing longer and my wallet keeps on getting lighter – hell the rate at which I’m going all I’m gonna be left with soon is visiting cards and unpaid bills !!

            But on a different note let’s talk about the summer training itself. We all barge in with our best smiles and innocent faces and tell our bosses ‘Sir we would like to add some value to the organization. How can we work on a project which will be beneficial to the organization??’

            The funny part is both of us know everything’s crap – WE want our certificate and an easy project. The BOSS wants to see you out of the organization before you do any harm (literally or figuratively).  AND the best part is that we still play along. He’ll say something like ‘Sure lad, you do xyz project and we’ll make sure we use it’. Yeah right!! You’ll use it sure enough – make a good bonfire for yourself, I’m sure!!


            So that’s life – some of us are gonna survive – some will succeed – some will just buckle up under the pressure. But its gonna be an eventful 2 months – sure!!


But on a serious note guys – these are important times. It’s not a life and death situation but it’s extremely important for us to take these 2 months seriously. I’m not sure how many of you have work – ex from before – but for those who don’t (I joined my M.B.A. straight after graduation) I cannot over emphasize the importance of these 2 months.

            So be optimistic – do some value addition to yourselves – don’t bicker around and feel cheated when you see others working in better and bigger companies. Give it your best – MAKE those guys sit up and realize what you have contributed to the organization!!  And if things are so bad that you are reduced to the job of a data entry operator and have to work on excel 9 hours a day entering data – HeY – THINK ABOUT IT!!  With all experience you get in the form of an increased typing speed – you’ll surely get an excellent job of a typist at the time of final placements 😀  






  1. A very nice approach towards the notion of “SUMMER TRAINING”. I must appreciate that. Many students going for a MBA course, consider their summer internship program as granted. This should not be the approach. Its the most crucial phase of their life, in which they ecposed to the real hardocre working environment.

  2. well i think anurag is rite..students should take there summers very most of the students dont have the working it is your first corporate exposure so plz take it seriously.

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