Posted by: anurag7000 | June 26, 2008

Life after Professional Courses

It’s been a long time that I have written something straight from the heart. Everyone is busy in pointing out and visualizing the social issues and untouched topics. Now that our MBA course has been over, its time to unveil the life after MBA, i.e. our real professional life.


Every individual sees multiple horizons in life. At one stage he is a child, getting ready to learn the proximities of life, seeking love and tender of his/her parents. And at the very next stage he is a teenager, getting shaped by the influence of the societal values and ethics. At his last stage, but the most prominent one, he is an adult, an individual who is matured and intellectual. At his adulthood stage, a person is insatiable for knowledge and wealth. He’s fully determined towards achieving the goals of his life or more precisely “Life Goals”. An individual’s hunger for knowledge increases with the passage of time. Above all, its success that compels him to do anything, no matter whether it’s ethical or not.

Each one of us is walking on a path that is relatively innovative and new to follow. Its entirely different life as compared to what we have lived up till graduate and post-graduate level. The former life was intended towards learning and only learning. The prime agenda was to make our conceptual base comprehensible and solid. We were there to hone up our skills in our respective fields. What all we have inherited so far is all theoretical and useful, yet not practical.

The importance was practicality in life has always been over looked. People always fall prey for “short cuts”. They want to achieve “everything” without losing “anything”. But the crux of life is “Gain with Pain”. There should be a proper parity between the efforts and skills. A task cannot be performed with proficiently, if any of the two has been absent. A child makes efforts to identify his mother gradually as soon as he grows older. His continuous effort compels the mind to develop a skill that enables him to identify people. Similarly, learning is an ongoing and never ending process. Practical approach in life makes a person more matured than any one in his peer group. He learns a lot in the form of experience.

In the current context, life revolves around two main objects:-

· Money or

· Knowledge

The former one is the basic necessity of life and the latter is confined to a group of individuals only. The life after every professional course should be full of zeal to explore new worlds, to uncover new facts. I don’t advocate that money should be neglected in the initial phase of our journey. But it should be consider as a secondary phenomenon. The life would be easier then, with due respect to the gradual process of learning.

I would like to end my thought process now. But what I have articulated above is not an over night idea. It took me long time to identify the real worth of the professional verve.


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