Posted by: naunita | September 15, 2008

The new “ ME”

It’s a perfect world. We would like to go for dirt-biking to the deserts on weekends, we’d go to exotic countries for fun. Infact we wouldn’t mind being single for long. We are already very busy living life on our own terms, expressing our individuality confidently, indulging to our needs, wants and desires and fulfilling ourselves. We the Indian woman are entering a new age – One where our commitments to ourselves are as important as every facet of our life. We no longer just want to play the role of the mother, sister, girlfriend, wives, manager or designer. In this new era of “ME” culture the role we want to be most committed to is to ourselves.

I am not going to far history, but the woman in the nineties convinced that a woman could have it all- a family, career and a jet set go lifestyle. And this was simply by “multi-tasking”. We were all set to rule the house and the boardrooms with equal panache. We were ready to plan our life like they were our power point presentation. We were striving for a perfect balance- ambitious professionals who can be morphed into stunning wives/girlfriends and fabulous mother/daughter. But I guess we were slightly deluded. Somewhere along the way we did realize it that this wasn’t enough. To be honest I wouldn’t have been happy of myself hanging between two worlds. But thank god, we did realize that we were losing ourselves and we needed time and space for ourselves. The “ME” culture is not about thinking only about yourself or being selfish, rather it is the sense of a woman being complete in herself. It’s a pure feeling of identity or coming to know of the self.

The 21st century saw much decline in “her” saving accounts and an increase in independent women buy designer bags, day long sessions in the spa. “ME” time is the mantra for the woman of today. I guess we have spent much of the nineties proving ourselves to the world that we are as capable as men. Now is the time to indulge ourselves and discover what else our life holds. The “ME” mantra is helping prioritizing what important is to us as on the same level of our family and work. We want to be successful managers/designers and wonderful wives/daughter/sister/mother/girlfriend. But we also want to focus on discovering and shaping our own identities.

Personally am all set to be bold and to represent just myself as to what I am. I don’t care!! People can think anything they want to if it makes their time at the check counter go a little quicker. Infact most of the woman I know are definitely finding their bolder side without caring what the world thinks. This somehow is not a passing phase of our lives nor are we deluding ourselves again. Infact we are much stronger this time. The “ME” culture is all set to thrive. We are already equal to men, but for now we are exploring ourselves that has nothing to do with the men in our lives or anybody.

Women are working up to the consciousness of themselves.



  1. The woman of today is much more confident and competent than man. But lets not indulge in ” Me” culture. It may result in to clash of identities.

  2. It wont result in any thing… Its not all about being confident or competent.. its about being independent, free to think about ourself first and then the others. free so not to tie ourself “just” around the family or the “human made” social norms.

    You must take my article in a positive clearly states The “ME” culture is not about thinking only about yourself or being selfish, rather it is the sense of a woman being complete in herself. It’s a pure feeling of identity or coming to know of the self.

    I personally follow the “ME” culture and i still know where my line of freedom is…


  3. Well then it was sheer misconception on my part. All in all, your article is thought provoking. Looking forward to see some more lucid and creative thing from your side.

  4. will keep that in mind.. and would write soon.. thanks

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