Posted by: 1touch | October 13, 2008

Placement Season: Time to get what we were here for

Now the companies have started coming for recruiting students from our campus with them and this was the aim we all had in mind and with which we joined the course. So the time has come has for all of us to get what we were here for.

These days every second year student is keeping an eye over the placement activities going on in the college and is very alert to identify the opportunity for her/ him to start their career as an MBA. Any information regarding the placements, whether it is of a company coming to the campus, the process to be conducted by a company coming to campus or about the students selected or shortlisted by the companies is a topic for discussion among us i.e. PG- II students.

Till date 1 or 2 companies from almost every sector chosen by the students for final placements have visited the companies or students have been sent for off- campus placement by the college. The students were provided a training session from the college to face the interview process regarding GD and PI. A few good companies which have visited the campus include Videocon, HDFC, Matrix Communications, Kohinoor foods, HCL; those coming are, Barclays Bank, Vodafone, ITC Welcome Group: some good off- campuses are Nestle, Axis bank, and Baxter.

These days every one among us is busy doing preparation for the placements, whether it is collecting information about a company coming for placements, the sector they have chosen for themselves, consulting the faculty members, placement managers or the seniors for the placement. They are all busy in preparing themselves to put there best foot forward and give there best shot in this last mile of there mission and objective and make there mission a success achieving the objective they were here for.

The placement season has just started and will continue till December but the curiosity among students for the companies and placements is clearly visible. I am also busy with doing preparations for the interview and wish my batch mates best of luck for the placements and the future.

We all should not forget one thing, the results of an activity are decided in the last minute performance and its time for us to give our best in this high time, and my batch mates please remember for any opportunity,

‘It’s Now or Never’


  1. Very lucid and organised article, I must say. Encapsulates what is going on in the college these days. Glad to know that some “Biggies” are stepping up in the college this time. So, don’t just lie down, better grab the opportunity. ALl the best.

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